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Internet Marketing Link Building Social Media Management


To get more business from your website, you need more people to find your website.

To get your website found you have to market it online. If you do not do this on a weekly basis, your website tends to disappear.

If you do market your website, it does get found.

You can market your website yourself. You can find a number of articles on Internet Marketing on our website

If you would like us to market your website for you, contact us. We have staff dedicated to this purpose. See the Internet Marketing Link Building service below.

Internet Marketing Link Building Social Media Management


Get more visitors to your website, via search engine results, through links from other websites, increased visibility and direct navigation.


Create accounts, target keywords, add links, posts, articles on search engines, directories, bookmarking websites, social media and blogs on a weekly basis.

Make regular updates and links for your various Internet presences to raise all their rankings, which funnel traffic back to your business.

Why It Works

The way to market your website is via keyword targeting, link building, social media, bookmarking, article marketing and the like.

To see how, go to our website

Next to the article abstracts on the home page you will see the number of visitors to each article (not to each page, each article). You can see that this number grows over time.

Once you post an article, or anything else, it keeps working for you forever.

These articles tend to bring about 20 visitors per month each. Each link might bring 1 visitor per month on average. A blog entry might bring 2 visitors per month. A feeder mini website might bring 50.

The idea is a lot of little trickles add up.

All these trickles increase your visibility.

You get more direct traffic with people going to your website directly. You get better results on the search engines, with more visitors from Google, Yahoo and Bing.

What Results to Expect

This is a long term and ongoing process.

Results are slow. It takes time to get all those trickles coming in.

You may increase your visitors by only 1 to 5 visitors per day, per month. Depends on how big your market is and how much competition.

However, you will increase your results over time.

If you get just 1 more visitor per day per month, that is 30 more visitors per month. After 10 months, that would be 300 more visitors per month. After 20 months, that would be 600 more visitors per month. After 30 months, that would be 900 more visitors per month.

Your results could be more or less than those indicated, but they will be more than if you do not do anything.

Measuring the Results

We use Google Analytics to measure the results so you can see what is happening. You will be able to see how many visitors you are getting and where they came from. You can compare your data to prior months, so you can see how the Internet Marketing works.