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Articles for Gainesville Computers

How to Create a Fan Page on Facebook
If you are the official representative of your organization, you can create a fan page on Facebook to communicate with your customers. Here is where ...
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How to Embed a Facebook Video on Your Website
You can link to a Facebook video, but that link is not particularly enticing and it sends visitors away from your website. What is enticing is to...
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Book Review: Six Pixels of Separation by Mitch Joel
Six Pixels of Separation. Everyone Is Connected. Connect Your Business to Everyone. Mitch Joel, President of Twist Image. Audio book narrated by the a...
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Split Outlook.pst Datafile When Too Big
When you get too many messages in Outlook, split your Outlook into two files. You can use the Archive feature to move messages out of your active Out...
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Dominating Google for Niche Keywords Partnership Dancing
In March 2010, I wrote an article about Dominating Google for the niche keyword phrase "Israeli Partner Dancing". The point of that article, and this...
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Creating Videos for Your Website to Generate Leads and Visitors to Your Website
This is the first of a few articles about creating videos for your website and publishing them on the Internet. The first question is why bother, whi...
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Google Places Local Search Service Area Display Services
If you do business in your local area and you have not already registered your business with Google places, do so now here.
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Live Webcast Using Ustream
A customer of mine runs an educational workshop over a number of days. This year he offered the workshop via a webcast in addition to live attendance....
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Internet Explorer Remember Passwords and Usernames for Websites Via Auto Complete
Internet Explorer has a convenient auto complete feature that remembers your websites' usernames and passwords. If you have mutiple usernames for a w...
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Windows Live Mail Send Outgoing Only From Accounts without Receiving Incoming Email
Outlook has a feature that lets you set up email accounts to use as the from email for sending mail only, without picking up email. Under Outlook, To...
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Intuit Payment Network (IPN) Verses Paypal
Intuit is the publisher of Quicken, Quickbooks and Turbo Tax. Intuit has an online payment processing service that can save you a substantial amount ...
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Review Free Remote Desktop Access Control
This is a review of the free remote desk top access control program. See this list of programs you can use for free and pro remote desk t...
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Ten Tips for Shooting Your Video
Use a tripod. Even the steadiest hands tremor. The little shake is nauseating when watching someone else's video. Have sufficient light. ...
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No More Laptops Use Remote Desktop Control and Online Storage
Throw Out Your Laptop. The Desk Top is Back. No More Laptops Use Remote Desktop Control and Online Storage Free of a burdensome laptop. I love it. ...
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